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best kitchen food processor reviews A food processor is a versatile kitchen appliance that can quickly and easily chop, slice, shred, grind, and puree almost any food. Some models can also assist the home cook in making citrus and vegetable juice, beating cake batter, kneading bread dough, beating egg whites, and grinding meats and vegetables.

How to do your own kitchen appliance reviews. Discover how to select the best kitchen food processor. Kitchen appliance buying guides tend to only focus on one type or model. This buying guide shows you exactly what checkpoints to watch so you end up buying the best food processor for your needs!

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Any food processor will have multiple parts. Ideally, the various cutting disks will easily and compactly stack for storage. Alternatively, it should have some sort of rack or holder to store the parts, so that you don’t have loose disks and blades rattling around in a cupboard. To keep the cord from hanging out at the back one should take note to buy a food processor that has integrated cord storage.

The food processor base should have few recesses and crevices where spilled food can accumulate. Pieces that can easily be placed into the dishwasher for sterilization are a must, as are a stainless steel blade that is quickly and easily wiped clean. Consider only those processors that have stainless steel blades and discs for easy clean-up and storage. Make sure that the parts are dishwasher-safe.

Power Cord
The power cord should be longer rather than shorter, for the convenience of those who work in older kitchens with limited power outlets. . To keep the cord from hanging out at the back one should take note to buy a food processor that has integrated cord storage.

Discs and Blades
The best models come with different styles of blades and discs for different jobs. Some styles you will want to look for include: chopping/mixing blade, small slicer/shredder blade, medium shedding disc, medium slicing disc, egg whip, and dough blade.

Motor power
The motor should be powerful enough to accommodate thicker or heavier foods. At least a powerful 700 Watt motor and variable speed control this machine is ideal for a wide range of tasks.

Food processors come in many styles, colours and design. A good design with streamlined looks and good ergonomics would definitely provide you with higher comfort levels while using it. If this is an appliance you plan on using often and possibly leaving out on your kitchen top you want to make sure that it is attractive.

Once plugged in you just want to push a button and go. You want a processor that chops and slices consistently and evenly. If you are interested in making vegetable or fruit juices, choose a model with a juicing option. Some accessories will make your food preparation jobs easier, such as a recipe book, spatula, how-to video, and instruction book.

Chopping Options
You want to make sure there are a variety of chopping options. You do not want everything to turn into puree, so make sure the more slicing and dicing options you have the better.

You want to make sure that your food processor is not overly noisy. Of course some sound will be result in the chopping, but you do not want to be running for the ear plugs every time you go to use your machine.

Capacity mixing bowl
The 1.5 litre capacity mixing bowl is an ideal size for most kitchens. Choose a food processor with at least a 12-cup capacity, even if that is more than you think you will ever need. Look for mini food processor bowl that fits inside the main container for use on smaller jobs. Also important is a dual feed tube and pusher to allow you to easily mix large amounts of food.

The most important part of a good food processor is the blade. The materials used in the construction of a good food processor should be durable and resistant to falls and drops while using. If plastic is used in the lids of the processor, it should be tough enough not to scratch or crack.

One of the most important features of a good food processor would be its safety. It needs to have systems that would prevent accidental opening of lids or leaking of electricity.

The brand of the product comes in here. Do consider the brand name and the service support of warranties they provide on their product. Generally the longer and stronger the warranty… the better the processor.

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