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best kitchen scale reviews The kitchen scale is an essential tool in every kitchen. Is this a gadget that only perfectionist chefs and constant bakers need? No, give a good scale a try and you'll find that it's a better and faster way to cook.

How to do your own kitchen appliance reviews. Discover how to select the best kitchen scale. Kitchen appliance buying guides tend to only focus on one type or model. This buying guide shows you exactly what checkpoints to watch so you end up buying the best kitchen scale for your needs!

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If it is a digital scale it is important that there are clear and easy to read instructions for use. Diagrams should be provided where appropriate.

Scale Lock
Look for one with a scale lock button so when you weigh something big, you just hit the button. This would keep the weight posted until you have a chance to put the oversize bowl out of the way and get back to read the readout.

You want weights with the scale so you can double check the accuracy of the scale. Many kitchen scales offer both weighing units - pounds/ounces and kilogram/grams. However, you need to make sure that the scale has the weighing units you need. It needs to be accurate to within .5 ounce, at least. This means being able to measure even very small quantities of food without any margin of error.

You want a platform with lips on 3 sides, so you can weigh spices, seeds, nuts, without them going all over the counter.. Or have containers that snap on and the scale calculates the tare so you don't have to. Some scales offer a removable Stainless Steel or glass platform, which also allows the user to place food items directly on the platform.

Your scale should be easy to clean. Beware of crevices or decorative ornaments that can catch grease, flour and dust. The measuring tray or bowl should detach easily and be dishwasher safe. You should be able to wipe the base with a damp cloth. It is very important that the scale pans are easy to clean and can withstand very hot water and strong detergents. This is especially vital if you will be measuring things like raw meat or chicken. Ideally, it should be an entirely sealed unit with no real moving parts.

AC/DC - Battery
A good kitchen scale should be able to run on either AC power from the wall or on an internal, user replaceable, common rechargeable battery. This battery should be an industry standard size and one that can be replaced by going to any local battery store. This could even be regular, rechargeable Size C or Size D batteries.

Make sure the numbers are big enough to read. For digital displays, check that the display has a strong contrast between light and dark elements even in bright light and that all the elements come on when they should. All scales should sit on a plane surface without wobbling or listing.

Although small may be beautiful, make sure that your scale has a big enough "footprint” to accommodate your cooking needs. You don't want to have to balance a bucket full of fruit on the tip of a pin. Keep in mind that you might not want to, or be able to use the bowl or tray your scale comes with to hold your ingredients. Make sure the container you intend to use can rest on the base securely.

Make sure the scale fits in the storage space you have in mind for it. If you want to store your scale resting on its side, make sure the manufacturer doesn't advise against it. Remember - scales are very delicate and become inaccurate if bumped or shaken then are useless in the kitchen. Consider carefully where the scale will be when not used.

Spill Protection
If you decide to purchase a digital scale, we recommend that you purchase a unit with a sealed LCD display and user buttons. This spill protection will prevent the scale from short circuiting and voiding most manufactures warranties. Please note your kitchen scale does not need to be waterproof.

Tare Feature
The tare feature allows you to measure the exact weight of a product in a container. This is a valuable feature if you need to weigh a liquid or powder ingredient. This feature is ONLY available on electronic digital kitchen scales. If you need to add more ingredients, just keep pressing the Tare button to clear the scale's display and then add the next ingredient.

Electric scales versus traditional
An electric scale can cancel out the weight of the bowl making it easier to get the weight of the ingredient. Also it is easier to read an electric scale.

Design & Style
A good kitchen scale should be large, low and wide. This would allow for a wide range of different types of foods to be weighed on it. Many kitchen scales are all way too tall and unstable.

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