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best knife sharpeners reviews Knife sharpening throughout the ages has been, to some extent, an art. A very wide range of knife sharpening apparatuses are available. They range anywhere from the conventional stone and belt to very innovative contraptions that invlove paper or stone grinding wheels. We will focus on the electric appliance for kitchens that is manufactured particularly for most kitchen knives.

How to do your own kitchen appliance reviews. Discover how to select the best knife sharpener with our knife sharpeners reviews. Kitchen appliance reviews tend to only focus on one type or model. This buying guide shows you exactly what checkpoints to watch so you end up buying the best knife sharpener for your needs!

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Ideally a good kitchen knife sharpener would work. Many don't or only work sub-par A high quality knife sharpener can not be so complicated that it takes a masters degree to work. . The knife blade should be very sharp and not be ground down too much. Instructions should be clear, concise, and written somewhere on the machine.

Knife Sharpeners work by removing bits of metal from a knife blade. That metal has to go somewhere, and mostly it sticks to the abrasive stone or wheel used in the sharpener. If it can't be cleaned out, the knife sharpener ceases to work well. A good sharpener can be easily cleaned, usually by simply wiping it down with a damp rag.

Many blades are not the same. The metal is of different thickness and the angle at which the blade is different. Be sure your knife sharpener can handle the different knives you use regularly.

The knife sharpener should be mounted stable on a table or work plate. Even better would be the ability to mount it in a drawer, so you can hide it when not in use.

Electric, not manual
Unless you sharpen knives an awful lot and have thus gotten good at it, an electric sharpener beats a manual for most of us. While it's true that with patience and a good set of honing stones, a master can put an unbeatable edge on a knife, for the rest of us, we just want to get on with the task as quickly as possible.

Abrasive materials
A good electric knife sharpener has more than one set of stones. Ideally, a sharpener will use three stages, moving from a fairly coarse to a very smooth abrasive. In fact, the first two stages will really shape the cutting edge and be the most abrasive. For truly sharp knives, though, nothing beats that third stage which concentrates on polishing and honing the edge.

Straight versus serrated
A good sharpener will have the ability to handle both straight and serrated blades, though maybe not with the same system. Serrated blades can actually be more easily sharpened with a manual system, though some automatics can do a fair job. If you're going to be using the knife sharpener for both types of blades, make sure it's rated for both.

A good kitchen knife sharpener must be able to sharpen knives to a razor sharp point. It should be able to sharpener a knife simply so there is less chance of ruining a knife.

A knife sharpener should be a small device. A few inches (or a few more centimeters square) is perfectly adequate for the sharpener itself. Any more is oversized and superfluous to use. It also means that a knife sharpener should be able to fit in a kitchen drawer.

Light and Portable
A high quality sharpener should not weigh more than a couple pounds. For all of the aforementioned features, portability should be kept in mind. Anywhere from 1-3 pounds should be the preferred weight.

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