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best kitchen food steamer reviews Food Steamers are becoming more popular today because they offer a wide variety of uses and cook healthier meals. Food steamers also come in a wide variety of styles, models and functions. So, considering what you will use it for is of prime importance.

How to do your own kitchen appliance reviews. Discover how to select the best kitchen food steamer. Kitchen appliance buying guides tend to only focus on one type or model. This buying guide shows you exactly what checkpoints to watch so you end up buying the best food steamer for your needs!

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A good food steamer must be safe to use. The user needs to be confident that the steamer will not bubble-over, resulting in steam burns. Also, it needs to be properly vented so that pressure does not build up as the water is converted to vapor. A loose-fitting lid or steam vent is essential for this purpose.

Glass Lid
A glass lid is an essential element of a good steamer. Steamed food changes color as it cooks, so it is important to be able to monitor any color changes without taking the lid off, which would cause the steam to escape.

Easy to Clean
Being able to simply wipe the unit down or putting the cooking trays in the dishwasher makes life easier. Having a non-stick cooking surface would be of benefit, both for the ease of cleaning and for serving food -- particularly delicate items like dumplings that are wrapped in a rice paper wrapper. If the steamer piece is removable it makes it much easier to clean.

Appearance and Design
Steamers come in a limited choice of styles and colors, but you should be able to select a model that best goes with your decor and with your other appliances. Some steamers can be quite large, so a choice of sizes is important too. Users with limited kitchen storage space will want to optimize the balance of the larger cooking area available in a larger steamer with any storage limitations they may have.

A good food steamer should be small enough that it fits with other small appliances on the counter top, rather than having to store it in a cupboard between uses. A good feature is a regular pot that has a food steamer piece. That way you can use it for your normal cooking and steaming.

Ease of Use
A good food steamer must be easy to use. For example, the directions included with the steamer must be concise and in simple language. It's helpful when there are suggested cooking times on the device itself, so that one does not have to refer to a manual or cooking instructions.

A good food steamer should be durable and last hundreds of uses.

Extra Steaming Tray
Another feature that is useful is a second layer steaming tray, or the ability to add-in an extra layer after purchase. Although the higher level layers do not cook food as quickly, they are good for keeping food warm. A good food steamer must have enough space for several servings, but not so large as to make it a nuisance to cook a single portion.

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