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best kitchen trash compactor reviews The Blendor patented in 1937 by F. J. Osius and first used to produce fluent substances is now a kitchen necessity. From processing veggies, smoothies, or baby food to crushing ice and marbles (yes marbles! we've seen it done!) kitchen trash compactors handle a wide variety of mixing, chopping, processing and crushing. The trash compactor has become a must have in every kitchen. Whether it be a kitchen bar trash compactor model or a hand held, immersion trash compactor, the trash compactor is now a kitchen appliance necessity.

Discover how to select the best kitchen trash compactor with our kitchen trash compactor buying guide. Kitchen appliance reviews tend to only focus on one type or model. This buying guide shows you exactly what checkpoints to watch so you end up buying the best trash compactor for your needs!

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A good trash compacter needs to be able to handle all your trash at once. It should hold several cubic feet of trash at a time to handle the trash from a large family.. At least one full day's worth of household trash should fit into the compactor after compacting. Two days or more worth is be even better.

High Compression Ratio
The ability to decrease your trash's volume by a great percent is needed. A good trash compacter needs to reduce your trash by at least 70% of its original size. The higher the better!

Electric Consumption
The price of Gas and other fuels fluctuation are on the rise to new heights. Look for a trash compactor with an energy saving mode or just general low energy consumption.

Easy to Open and Close
If a trash compactor is difficult to open and/or close, then it loses most of its usefulness. So consider the ease of use buying your compactor.

Standard Size
A trash compactor should fit into the overall design of a kitchen and also be easy to add to any pre-existing kitchen layout. A trash compactor that can either fit nicely beside or be installed in place of cabinetry is a good-sized appliance.

Trash compactors CAN be a maintenace nightmare. Be sure to get the strongest warranty available. Generally speaking, the longer and stronger the warranty, the better the product.

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