Breadman Bread Machine Review

by a_ram9

This product is amazing! My mom bought it for me as a Christmas present a few years ago. It has definitely paid off. It makes amazing bread and the bread tastes so much better than it does when you buy bread in the store. I like the way that you can self slice the bread and choose the thickness. I love the way the bread smells and this product is just amazing for those of us who can't cook.

I love it because it is quick and mess free. It also is fun to use and I love seeing the results of work in the kitchen. The sandwiches I made from this bread went like hotcakes at a party i held recently. Everyone wanted to know what bakery I had bought my bread at. I said it was home made and no one believed me until I showed them the machine. It really is a lifesaver for those of us who can't cook.

This bread machine comes with a recipe guide and if you can buy starter dough, it's really easy to just throw the mixed dough into the maker and forget about it for about an hour. I can run errands and go to class and not worry about this bread maker burning bread or my house down!!

It's the best Christmas present I have ever gotten!! It is extremely useful and I would recommend it to any college student or any person who wants to try a healthy lifestyle and know what goes into their food. It's an awesome product!

PS: I recently found this exact machine online and decided that my in-laws needed to learn to make this wonderful bread as well! This machine not only helped with a great meal, but my mother in law and I are a lot closer!!

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