Deni 3500 800-Watt Professional Grade Meat Grinder

by Jacqui

Deni 3500 800-Watt Professional Grade Meat Grinder

I abstain from buying ground meat from stores anymore. I want to be sure that I only get freshly ground meat and know exactly what is in it(!), so I tried to look for a meat grinder of my own.

Just recently, I purchased this bargain product from Amazon. This is my very first meat grinder and I based my purchase on its fairly positive reviews. I’m surprised that it arrived to my place earlier than I expected.

It is well packaged without any problem or whatsoever. It looks exceptionally beautiful with its stainless steel housing and innovative design. Assembly is easy and when I used it for grinding my 6 pound beef, it did the job efficiently in minutes.

It is very easy to use and it comes with a reverse motor function that removes the clogged food without disassembling the unit. Cleaning is a breeze. One thing I found out is that the blades aren’t made of stainless steel so I always make sure that I rub a thin coat of oil on them before storage to prevent rusting.

This product performs great so I’m very happy with my purchase.

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