Food Processor and my Cuisinat Mini Prep

by Judy
(New Jersey)

Several years ago I received my first and only mini food processor, not knowing anything about cooking, it stayed in the closet for a while - but once it came of the closet! WOW.

It has been put to use regularly. It has been used to chop nuts, make baby food, dough, process all sorts of veggies, make smoothies, turn cereal or crackers into useable pie crusts or casserole toppings...endless opportunities!

The chop and grind buttons are manual, so there is no fear of "overprocessing". Very easy to clean - dishwasher safe. It never leaves a residue or smell from previously processed food.

Blades are still sharp after so many uses.

Never had a problem - would highly recommend - a must for every kitchen. Perfect for small to medium needs (larger if you are willing to work in batches). Approximately measures 8" tall and 7" wide.

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