George Foreman Grill - Making Cooking Fun Again!

by Tina

George Foreman made cooking fun and easy for my friends and me! Originally after purchasing this grill, I thought it was a gimmick sort of kitchen appliance, but after all of the happy memories and uses I’ve discovered with my George Foreman Grill, I really can’t imagine life without it. Soon after receiving the grill, I began cooking with it almost every single day.

Being a full time student does not leave much time for cooking but, in a pursuit to eat healthy meals, I utilized this grill to its fullest extent. Not only have I used this incredibly durable grill to make burgers, steaks, and vegetables, I have also made Panini sandwiches and quesadillas on it. I love that I can make both quick and easy meals as well as more extravagant dinners for my entire family if I choose to do so.

My friends and I have quite literally made cooking with our friend George Foreman a ritual when we have girls’ night.

I love this grill because not only does it make cooking faster and easier for lazy nights when I don’t feel like cooking, but everything I have made with it has always tasted delicious no matter what it might be.

The only cons to this grill are that the grilling plates are not removable so you have to clean it by hand with cleaning wipes or an all-purpose cleaner instead of simply throwing the plates in the dishwasher and with the positioning of the grilling plates, not all things are easily cooked on this grill, try as I might to make it happen.

Aside from that, this grill works perfectly, lasts a LONG time, and produces meals that taste great without requiring much effort on my end.

I definitely find it to be one of the only appliances I own that is actually worth the price I paid ten times over. I’ve had mine for upwards of eight years now and it’s still in outstanding working condition.

I would recommend this George Foreman Grill to anyone and everyone as it is a great alternative to eating out, it provides a quick and simple cooking solution, and is so durable and useful in the long term which easily makes it well worth the price I paid for it. I can honestly say it is one of my favorite kitchen appliances in the world.

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