How NOT to Clean your Coffee Maker

by Richard

I love my coffee and use my coffee maker (espresso machine actually) a lot.

So of course you need to clean your coffee maker from hard water deposits. To do that (I thought I should just add some white vinegar to the water supply and run the machine. I didn't dilute the vinegar and just started the machine with pure vinegar.

Hey I'm a man and thought.. this will be quick and easy.

The coffee maker started okay and took up loads of white vinegar... deep into the system and then it just stopped. Hmm, what a surprise. I pressed the button a few times but nothing would come out.

Now this started to worry me a little as it is a rather expensive coffee maker. It uses capsules from Nespresso one of them popped out and was hot, steaming and about to explode.

I turned the machine off for a while but after half an hour we tried again. I got a few drops of old coffee / white vinegar to come out. Be desperate and all I took the machine (without the water holder) and shook it upside down. I don't know what I was doing.

Put it down... no luck.

Slowly coming to the conclusion that I might have killed my daily 'lifeline' I got on the phone with a friend. That talk lasted a while and that was probably for the best. It had given the machine a chance to get rid of all the vinegar pressure and gas.

Slowly (and with protest) it came back to life. I flushed the system at least 15 times and was happy to see my coffee maker working as usual.

The moral of the story... don't take shortcuts with your precious coffee maker.

I'm going to go get a coffee now...

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