I love my coffee maker

by a_ram9
(Louisiana )

GE 5-Cup Digital Coffeemaker 169208 — This coffee maker is absolutely amazing!

I love the way it is so easy to use and it shuts off automatically. I love that feature because i sometimes leave it on to keep the pot warm and when I forget to turn it off it turns off itself!

It is so easy to use and even comes with a water filter and permanent coffee filter.It saves me so much money because I never have to buy coffee filters and being in college and usually broke, it's a great help.

I also love this product because I'm a coffee addict. It makes coffee for me in the morning quickly and easily. It makes my morning so much more relaxing and also saves me a ton of money on campus. Buying a cup of coffee at Java City is about five dollars. With this coffee maker I can have my personal blend of coffee every morning and I get it the way I like it.

This coffee maker also has a “keep warm feature” which I love. I can make a whole pot in the morning and with this feature I can use the same made coffee all day. It keeps the coffee tasting fresh and hot all day. This feature also has an automatic shut off. I feel safe with it in the house and I can leave and run my errands without worrying about the coffee maker catching fire.

The 5 cups it makes is perfect for both me and my roommate to have 2 cups each which is the perfect amount each day!

It is also easy to clean and if you just run it through a cycle with plain water and no coffee it self cleans. I love that feature.

I would recommend this product to anyone who asked about it!

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