Ice Cream Maker Review: Cuisinart 2Qt Frozen Yoghurt-Sorbet and Ice-Cream Maker

by Ted Portwin

My wife has never let me down, but she was definitely short-changing me with shop-bought ice-cream. So I got her a Cuisinart 2Qt Frozen Yoghurt-Sobert and Ice-Cream Maker for Mother's Day from the kids. It's $100 and a bargain, real easy to use, and no limit to the amazing recipes on the Internet for the best frozen dessert treats you'll ever experience!

Here's how to sell this to your family:

Important: your wife should not feel like this is extra work. I made it into a game with Daddy and the kids, and gradually got my wife interested by my introducing amazing new flavors (see below) until she finally took over.

Appeal to her competitive side by challenging her to beat your best flavor. There are some specialist web sites, like, that offer gourmet ice-cream recipes using high-end ingredients, which will open your eyes WIDE to the hitherto unexplored boundaries of this dessert heaven!
Keep this a weekly or fortnightly treat. Home-made ice-cream is hard to freeze and keep soft, so don't overdo it and make it lose its charm.

So folks, get a Cuisinart 2Qt. You will NOT regret it. Be sure to plan ahead, because the machine doesn't actually freeze the ice-cream, you freeze the bucket first for eight hours. So make sure it's in the freezer to avoid disappointed young'uns.

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