Kenmore Stove Cooktop Review

by a_ram9

The Kenmore electric stove I have is very unsatisfactory. I am not pleased with this product at all and my displeasure has even made me buy a new stove recently.

The stove top works and heats up. The actual “burners” get red to indicate when the stove is hot and I like that about this stove.

However, it’s very hard to maintain. If any bit of grease or oil gets into the burner, it smokes and smokes unlike my new stove. When I tried to clean it I had to take the burner spirals out of the divot. When I put them back, I pinched my finger and it now burns unevenly. I’m not exactly sure how this happened but it was all within a week of me buying this stove.

Another problem I have with this stove is that during Hurricane Katrina it was literally useless. I had no microwave, no toaster, and no stove because of the power outage. I had to eat canned food, room temperature while all my neighbors had gas stove tops. Fortunately they shared their kitchen with those of use silly enough to use electric.

I am not giving this stove a negative review simply because it’s electric over gas, but because it burns badly and even the littlest bit of cooking oil makes it smoke. My new stove does not burn unevenly nor does it smoke ridiculously the way this one does. It is easier to clean and is real easy to take the burner apart to clean and when I put it back together its just real simple.

I’ve had the smoke alarm go off a few times due to the amount of smoke this stove creates and I’m not a newbie to the kitchen.

I would not recommend a Kenmore Electric Stove, with the spiral burners. They are hard to clean, maintain and difficult to put back together once you do this.

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Mar 05, 2011
Kenmore Repair
by: Anonymous

to fix your kenmore stove by yourself visit

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