Kitchen Oven: Aroma Aeromatic Convection Oven

by Belinda
(The Kitchen)

Aroma Aeromatic Convection Oven

Living in a small apartment with limited space for bulky kitchen appliances, Aroma Aeromatic Convection Oven was heaven-sent! It is compact, light-weight and portable & it only takes up as much space as my microwave (which I will probably transfer to the storage room since the oven can pretty much do the same, & even a better job, than the microwave).

The food cooks evenly because of the rotating hot air that circulates around the food. This great gadget can virtually do what other kitchen appliances can. it bakes, steams, broils, grills, roasts, toasts & even 'air' fries. It can even thaw frozen food which is definitely something most microwaves suck at!

You may notice a strange smell from the unit during your first use but don't worry, it's not harmful and will disappear after a little while.

Just make sure that there is a space around the food when you place it on the cooking rack for it to cook evenly. And avoid metal utensils when handling the food as they can scratch the glass (which I regrettably did, don't even bother asking how much it costs to replace - you might as well buy a new one).

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