KitchenAid 700-Watt 12-Cup Food Processor

by Paula P

KitchenAid 700-Watt 12-Cup Food Processor

If you’re looking for something quiet yet very powerful, well this one is for you.

It’s a bit pricey compared to other competing brands (Kitchen Aid! Hello!) but the quality and the durability that you get is a good investment, especially when you’re dealing with a kitchen appliance.

It features a durable sealed housing that creates a sound barrier for a noise-free operation that most buyers are looking for.

Its large capacity allows you to process food in bulk which can be very ideal when preparing large quantities.

On the other hand, the mixing bowl and blade attachment included can come in handy too, if you want to work on a smaller task and not use the big bulky one.

Cleanup can be very easy. The only setback I find in this product is its size.

Sadly it didn’t occur to me before that I don’t have enough space on my countertop. Well, consider that a lesson learned.

Not that I regret it, it’s just that it could have been perfect if it didn’t take up valuable counter space.

Editor's Note:
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