Krups Coffee Grinder

by Sue S. Joseph

Krups Coffee Grinder

My sister gave me these premium coffee beans which she adamantly claimed cannot be done justice with my cheap (and out-dated) coffee machine. So when I searched the net to look for an impressive grinder, I stumbled upon Krups.

With tons of glowing reviews, I did not hesitate to buy it. What I liked at first sight was its oval design. Most coffee grinders tend to be bulky but this one "begged to differ".

It works great too. You can adjust how fine you want your coffee to be with its 17-position feature. I have yet to master this but it's worked well so far!. The grinder has a large capacity- you can make as much as (this depends on the size of your cups) 14 cups!

Bad news: The noise is just bearable. To even lessen the noise, I suggest placing a towel over the machine to muffle the sound. Not exactly what Krups wants to hear I'm sure. I do that when I have a headache which makes every noise unbearable!

The machine is fairly easy to maintain. It gets a bit awkward trying to remove squashed bits of coffee beans in the crevices. I suggest using a brush with a firm bristle to get those bits out. Overall, it's an impressive machine which did justice to my sister's present!

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