L'Equip Dehydrator

L'Equip Dehydrator

This is my first ever food dehydrator. I have it for a year now and it works just great. Its 500-watt motor is incomparable to other less expensive dehydrator brands with inadequate drying motors that can’t even seem to dry the food properly.

The thermostat works fantastic; it makes a great quality of the food produced. It can be adjusted from 93 up to 150 degrees F, offering a wide range of flexibility needed in drying specific type of items.

This product even comes with a booklet containing instructions on drying times and recipes which make use of dried food. What I love most is its unique, innovative design which allows stacking up to 20 trays. Cleaning the plastic trays by hand is a breeze.

This very space efficient unit is a great addition to my kitchen. The 12- year warranty that comes with this product is a kicker. I’m very pleased with how this L'equip dehydrator does the job for such a great price.

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