Maxi-Matic HA-3433A Elite Platinum 550-Watt Stainless Finish Meat Grinder

Maxi-Matic HA-3433A Elite Platinum 550-Watt Stainless Finish Meat Grinder

I purchased this meat grinder two weeks ago and I’m very pleased with the excellent delivery service. The product arrived on time in very good condition.

It is so easy to assemble and upon testing it for the first time, I’m amazed by how easy it is to operate and I can tell right away that this tool got some real power. I love its stainless look which makes it a beautiful addition to my kitchenware collection.

I have already used it a couple of times and it performs very well. For a fast and thorough operation, what I do is trim the meat and cut it into smaller pieces. That way, I don’t have to force the meat through the grinder. Jamming can also be prevented (though the product features a reverse switch that eliminates jamming).

Cleaning is easy because everything can go straight to the dishwasher. One thing though, this grinder is a lot noisier than I thought it would be. Wearing earplugs solves the problem. But as far as performance is concerned, this tool really gets the job done.

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