Maytag Dishwasher - Best thing we ever bought!

by Natasha
(Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

Excuse the flash - exterior pic

Excuse the flash - exterior pic

Excuse the flash - exterior pic Close-up of the exterior buttons Excuse the dog :)  Inside full of dishes The interior part

We just remodeled our kitchen area about 2 years ago and previously we had a dishwasher from Frigidaire that did what it was supposed to do. However, over about 6 year period, we started having problems with the door closing, it began leaking on sides (again due to the door unable to close), and because of that, it ruined the wood on the floor.

Since then, we decided to go for all Maytag appliances (knowing that Kitchen-Aid bought them out and have started their own production under Maytag's name). What a great find!

It's stainless steel with black edging (so it blends in very well)and has so many great features! There's a rinse feature - this is when you put dirty dishes inside, but it's not enough to fill and/or be ran. So, the rinse feature allows water to rinse the dishes so there isn't a smell or food still stuck on the plates until you're ready to start a cycle. There are also different heat options (low, medium, and high). You can also program it to start (just in case you're not home, etc). There are only 2 of us in the house, so we don't use this feature very often.

Inside is stainless steel so we don't have to worry about rusting, and the space is great! Also, its very quiet - we never hear it running, (which was a huge problem with our last one)

My only complaint is that I am not a fan of how they have the bucket for the silverware. You have to insert it into different slots, and for me, I like to keep it organized as putting away silverware annoys me. But, other than that, its strong enough to clean pots and pans without scrubbing, and yet soft enough to clean the fine china and wine glasses without damage.

The cost wasn't so bad for us. We bought it through a distributor so we only paid $350 for it, but we found it in retail for $599. Still, after using it for 2 yrs, I would be willing to pay the $599 for it and will definitely use a Maytag again!

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