Maytag Refrigerator is GARBAGE!

by Barb White
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

We purchased a Maytag French Door style refrigerator in March, 2006. We thought that they made a good product. Boy, were we wrong. Right from the beginning the refrigerator made loud noises. It also froze everything that sat on the top shelf. We spent over $1600 on this refrigerator only 5 years ago and the compressor just seized. The extended warranty that we had purchased expired a couple of months ago and the Maytag Customer Service will not do anything about it. They do not stand behind their products and I would not recommend Maytag to anyone. I know that Whirlpool is now the manufacturer for Maytag, but I would steer clear of them too. From what I've heard their appliances also have a short life expectancy. I can't believe I just kissed $1600 good-bye. Now I have to buy myself another fridge!

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