My Magic Bullet Blender Review and it's Usefulness

by Kate
(United States)

I bought my Magic Bullet blender a couple of years ago, mainly so that I wouldn’t need several appliances, because the Magic Bullet can be used to blend so many things. Even coffee beans, which is great for me because I drink a lot of coffee and don’t have to buy a coffee grinder now.

It’s supposed to be able to blend ice as well, although, I wouldn’t use whole cubes of ice in it. I’m afraid that would ruin the blades. When my sister ground large pieces of ice in her Magic Bullet it messed the blades up a little, so I just get partly ground ice from the machine on my fridge and then put the ice in the Magic Bullet to grind the ice even more for fruit drinks. But other than that, it’s very durable. I’ve had no problems with mine rusting and it’s very easy to clean, unlike some blenders I have used.

I like how it doesn’t take up very much space and it’s easy to use. Since it’s so small I’ve even brought it in the car to use on a trip. You can also heat or freeze things in it by just removing the base. I’ve mixed up coffee drinks and fruit drinks and put the cup part in the microwave, fridge, and freezer to heat or cool the drinks and that works great. You won’t have to clean an extra glass this way.

What I mostly use it for is as a food processor, due to having picky pets that like their foods ground. I’ve ground egg shell in it for my birds and it grinds it very well, almost to dust! I’ve tried using it for dry cat food, but again, I’m afraid that may hurt the blades. I’ve never had any problems doing that, but I tend to avoid grinding large hard foods just in case. The cats have enjoyed finely ground meat due to it, though.

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