Omega J8005 Nutrition Center Single-Gear Commercial Masticating Juicer

by Sally B
(Paris, TX)

Omega J8005 Nutrition Center Single-Gear Commercial Masticating Juicer

My New Year's resolution included living a healthier lifestyle, specifically eliminating most, if not, all the junk in my diet and consuming only the freshest types of food. I started with my drinks, swearing that I'll make my own shakes and juice straight from the source only to find out that I don't have any of those home fruit juicers! Instead I own the most primitive manual juicer that ever existed.

So I asked my health-conscious friend if she had any recommendations for juicers. She told me to buy this Omega Masticating Juicer (she has one just like this). This juicer is simply amazing! It's like a health powerhouse since it can juice almost anything from wheat grass, root vegetable, fruits and even spices and herbs. You get extremely dry pulp in the pulp collector, so that means you get a good quantity of juice.

The juicer's designed with a single gear engineering and low rotation speed to retain the nutritional value of the juice. Assembly and clean up is also a snap. It's also a nice idea to freeze fruit juices that have a longer life. After juicing the fruit, add a couple drops of fresh lemon juice and freeze in sealable plastic containers. That way, even if I'm feeling especially lazy I won't have any excuse reverting back to unhealthy snacks.

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