OXO Good Grips 5-Pound Black Food Scale with Pull-Out Display

by Tessie Portland

OXO Good Grips 5-Pound Black Food Scale with Pull-Out Display

I have never used a kitchen scale in my life until I started to gain a lot of weight and I thought it could help me a lot in regulating my daily intake.

I’m no expert in choosing what brand of scale to purchase but beginner’s luck must’ve been with me when I bought this one. The scale works perfectly and I find it very user friendly.

Its 5- pound capacity is more than enough for weighing portions of my food servings. It even has a unique pull-out feature that allows me to pull the display away from the base for a better view when large plates and bowls shadow over the reading -- really clever idea.

The display has large, easy to read numbers thus having a backlight option won’t be necessary when reading measurements. A distinctive feature of this scale is the weight indicator that displays how much capacity is left on the scale. The zero out function is also an added plus. This is all I could ask for a scale!

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