Ozeri Touch II Professional Digital Kitchen Scale, Tempered Glass

Ozeri Touch II Professional Digital Kitchen Scale, Tempered Glass

I fell in love with this elegant masterpiece the first time I laid my eyes on it. Everything about the Ozeri Touch II Professional Digital Kitchen Scale is top quality. It looks more expensive than what the price tag says. I love its stylish, contemporary thin design which makes it an aesthetically perfect addition to my modern kitchen. Aside from being lightweight and super portable, it has superb accuracy in measuring any portion size up to 11 pounds. The weight display feature in four different units of measurements makes it convenient for me to switch from one unit to another. The tempered glass surface is very easy to clean.

While this digital scale is good looking, a drawback that I’d like to share is its touch sensitive buttons that sometimes annoys me when it doesn’t respond especially when my fingers are wet. Another thing is, the lithium batteries can be expensive and the scale seems to eat up the battery so quickly.

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