Waring MG-800 Pro Professional Meat Grinder

by Heidi

Waring MG-800 Pro Professional Meat Grinder

I love everything about this Waring meat grinder.

I have just started my small, homemade processed food business and I received this wonderful gift from a friend during my birthday. It looks so beautiful and classy with its brushed stainless steel finish.

This meat grinder does everything as advertised. The heavy duty 450-watt motor is a real workhorse; it gets down to work effortlessly and operates smoothly with a simple on/off/reverse switch. This tool is easy to use and performs excellently when I use it for my hamburger patties and sausages. It grinds the meat so efficiently without clogging the machine. Assembly and clean-up is a breeze.

The plates and blades are made of carbon steel, so one piece of advice to prevent them from rusting is to apply a thin coat of oil, preferably olive oil, after washing and letting them dry. Until now the blades and plates of my unit are rust-free.

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