Waring Pro DHR20 525-Watt 5-Tray Food Dehydrator

Waring Pro DHR20 525-Watt 5-Tray Food Dehydrator

I received this food dehydrator as a Christmas gift last year. I have never owned one before so I’m amazed how it preserves food in a healthy way.

It is so fun and easy to use. I’m new to this kind of machine so a very simple on/off toggles switch and three heat settings couldn’t get any easier. This machine is equipped with a powerful motor that works quietly. Everything I put in turns out to be perfect. After just a couple of hours, the beef jerky I made tasted great. The space efficient stackable trays provide enough room for almost anything to be dried. It is good that the food doesn’t stick to the surface so clean-up is made easy.

Aesthetically wise, I love its appealing design which makes it a great addition to the kitchen. One thing I should say however is that they should have included a more comprehensive guide with all the suggestions and tips, recipes even, which would have been very useful to first timers in this kind of product.

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