Weighmax 2810 Electronic Kitchen Scale

by Tania Perez
(New Mexico)

Weighmax 2810 Electronic Kitchen Scale

I bought this kitchen scale here in Amazon and I’m glad that it arrived in a timely manner. What only bothered me during my purchase is that it says there’s an option for a black or white one but upon purchasing, it just proceeded to confirm the delivery without asking which color I preferred. But I was lucky enough to receive the white one I was hoping for.

The scale proved very useful especially when I’m preparing processed food like sausages, chorizo, and burger patties in which exact proportions of ingredients are of paramount importance. The scale is fast and accurate. It makes my work easier than before.

Its max weight capacity of 5 pounds is more than enough for the ingredients that I use. The backlight LCD display makes it easy for me to read the weight.

What I like most is the scale comes with a removable container with an easy pour spout large enough to hold the food and ingredients I weigh.

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